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L'AVENTURE ROSE - Eau de Parfum for Women

L'AVENTURE ROSE - Eau de Parfum for Women

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L'AVENTURE ROSE - Eau de Parfum for Women by Al Haramain 

Inspired by the most beautiful of Nature's best creations, the L’Aventure Rose is a wonder to behold, with the rose aspect being dominant through the aromatic journey this fragrance embarks on, you are in for a treat. The first spray opens with a floral-fruity element that seeks to enhance your presence but not overwhelm your lifestyle with aspects of course rose, and citrus, and berry. It then devolves to a rose-infused jasmine adventure that comes with the hope of perfection and the reality of brilliance. Finally, it settles to a classical base presence of rose and amber then it really stands out in a way that you are supposed to stand out in a unique manner that makes you appeal to being a success in life.




  • TOP NOTES: Rose, Citrus, Berry
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Jasmine
  • BASE NOTES: Amber, Musk
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