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LAYALI - Eau de Parfum for Women

LAYALI - Eau de Parfum for Women

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LAYALI  Eau de Parfum for Women by Swiss Arabian

Layali is inspired by the woman who encapsulates all that is alluring and all that enchants those who know her. Layali is an intense fruity floral fragrance which showcases the precious oud in its heart. The opening of dark, juicy plum is complemented by the sheer beauty of orange flowers with its spring like nuances of green floral notes. Musky blackcurrants melt seamlessly into a feminine bouquet of flowers, with soft notes surrendering to roses and creamy jasmine. Into the heart of this dreamy oasis, a drop of gold slowly emerges. Cherished oud spreads its beams like sun rays, bringing warmth and intensity. It fuses with amber and brings its unique richness to the fore, embracing you in heavenly fragrance all day long. Layali is especially suited to cooler months. When beauty is intense, beauty is Layali.



  • TOP NOTES: Black Currant, Orange Flower, Plum
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine
  • BASE NOTES: Oud, Amber
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